Frequently asked questions about Meteor.js

10-04-2015 (d-m-Y)

People are asking the same questions again and again. I'm tired of answering them again and again. So I decided to write this article.

Does Meteor scale?

It has already been writen on Meteorhacks. Scaling is complex stuff and I'm not expert on scaling and server stuff, but Arunoda obviously is and you should read his articles on Meteorhacks. You can read How to scale Meteor app.

Does any complex Meteor applications exist?

What is complex? Is it pexeso app or chess game? Or is it something that has thousands or even millions lines of code?

There are big production Meteor apps such as Respondly, Lookback, Kadira and a few others. Meteor is young technology and you can't expect there will be many big applications written in Meteor. I'm writing e-learning platform for learning to code (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) in Meteor and it is becoming quite complex.

Is Meteor secure?

Every application in any framework or tool is only as secure as developer makes it. You can read about Meteor security or watch video. Josh Owens has written an excellent article about Meteor security:

How and where to deploy Meteor app?

Meteor deployment is easy because Meteor is not just a framework but it's a platform which takes care of the whole development process from creating application to deploy. If you want to just test your application, you can deploy it on Meteor's server (for free) with command "meteor deploy appname". If you want to deploy production application on your own server and domain, you will need VPS (Virtual Private Server) or cloud hosting like Heroku or Modulus. I use VPS on DigitalOcean and NPM package Meteor up.


There is a lot of learning resources for Meteor. There is one complex article: Learn Meteor.js Properly on JavaScript is sexy. You should read it if you want to know what exactly Meteor is.

If you have any other questions, ask in the comments.


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