Meteor Day in Prague

07-11-2014 (d-m-Y)

Meteor Day meetups took place all around the world. The meaning of Worldwide Meteor Day was to celebrate release of Meteor 1.0, learn more about Meteor and meet local Meteor developers and enthusiasts.

Meteor Day in Prague took place in nice place called Impact Hub. We started with introduction to Meteor and some example apps. Then attenders installed Meteor on their computers and they could try to write simple Meteor apps.

Meteor Day Prague

Then we had hangout with Meteor core developer and other Meteor Day Meetups which took place at the same time (in our timezone).

After that anyone could do a presentation about their experience with Meteor and apps built with it.

The first presentation was from fulltime C# woman developer Vladka who builds her songbook site Agama2000 in spare time. She talked about differences between corporate C# applications and Meteor.

I did a quick presentation about my Meteor projects. My first project was TodoToday. I have built it because I didn't like any existing task manager app and I needed to measure my time. The second app I have built was Seenist. This is my biggest Meteor app and I have learned a lot while building it. I recommend everyone to build larger app. You will learn a lot. Typefast is simple app for competition in typing. Real-time of course. FasterChat is a special chat app available also for Android and FirefoxOS. You can chat with your friends faster because you can see every single letter which your friend is typing. So you can type response while your friend is typing his message. It's fun, try it!

The third presentation was from Radoslav about Taskee and site for cottages reservation in Slovakia It was nice to hear about real-time reservations. And it was even more nice to hear that he uses Meteor in his company.

I asked Radoslav after his presentation:

- So you use Meteor in your company?

- Yes. I don't have time for building applications in PHP.

I started to laugh. This sentence will remain in my memory for a long time.

I talked to a few people after presentations. Some of them told me they don't have any experience with Meteor but they want to learn it. I told them they are on the right way and they definitely should learn it. People who already built something in Meteor told me how they enjoyed working with Meteor.

Meteor Day was so great that I had to write this article right after I returned from the meetup. Especially the part of talking to people was enjoyable.

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